OPTION 1        60 €      



The products below are indicative. Following supplies if a product is missing we are committed to replacing it with a similar product. 


If a product will not help you, we will replace it with another of your choice. 



salt, pepper, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, mustard 




trash bags, toilet paper (6), paper towels (3), dishwashing liquid, coffe filter 




Coffee and / or tea and / or chocolate powder 


Butter spread 

5 Bread CHAPATA 

Fruits and vegetables: 


2 kg of seasonal fruit (tell us which ones to avoid) 

1 Salad 

1 kg of Tomatoes 

2 Cucumbers - pepino 



6 Water Bottles 

2 Juice (peach, grape, apple, pineapple ... specify your preference) 

1 pack of 6 liters of milk (we specify what type) 


Fresh products : 


6 nature or fruit yoghurt 

1 Camembert 

1 saucisson 

1 package ham (6 slices) 

6 eggs 




1 kilo of pasta 

1 kilo of rice

Option  2



Compose your shopping according to your needs and to your preferences.

From reception of your list we send you our offer so that you validated it.

From your agreement, your request is registered and your shopping will wait for you in your apartment upon your arrival.

According to the supplies, if a product was running out we make a commitment to replace it by a similar product.