Découvrez tous près de votre location de vacances en Espagne, des restaurants de poissons absolument fabuleux




Fish and shellfish from the bay with fruit and vegetable market gardens, accompanied by prestigious wines make up the core of a healthy and natural food. 

Seafood and cured meats are served in restaurants at the edge of sea bream, bass in salt, or seafood with lemon, fresh mullet or whiting.

Découvrez lors de vos vacances en Espagne les multiples facons de cuisiner le riz




Rice, prepared in different ways, is the most famous dish from Alicante cuisine with more than 300 different preparation methods.

- Arroz a banda (rice cooked from a fish broth) 

- Arroz a fesols i naps (beans and turnips) 

- Arroz con costra (rice crust) 

We can also prepare rice with squid and tuna, chicken and lean pork with squid and tender garlic, or with tuna and prawns. 

In mountainous areas, rice lines the "olleta" typical dish made of pork, sausage and sausage, squash, turnips and beans.

Plats typique par excellence, vous en trouverez forcément tout près de votre location de vacances en Espagne





These small varied dishes are part of the Spanish culinary culture. 


It is traditional to eat TAPAS standing elbows on a bar or sitting at the table. 


They are traditionally served as an appetizer in small portions. 


These moments are conducive to conversation exchange and conviviality.

Incontournable durant vos vacances en Espagne, la dégustation s'impose




Virgin olive oil is the basis of Spanish cuisine as well as its Mediterranean neighbors. 


Healthy and tasty, we invite you to discover and enjoy the very place where it is grown.

Lors de votre location de vacances en Espagne, faite un petit tour sur le marché et dégustez ce turron de la région ; un régal






The Turron (nougat) and ice Jijona or Alicante, the grapes or raisins, dates and almond tarts are tasty desserts gastronomy of the region.

Votre location de vacances se trouve dans la ville du chocolat ; visitez ses fabriques et dégustez à votre guise



Learn the history of chocolate through all the sights that the city of VILLAJOYOSA and chocolate have gathered for you. 


Discover the best kept secrets and get carried away by the long tradition of families Valor chocolate, Pérez, Clavileño.