Vos vacances en Espagne seront synonimes demer tiède, de plages, d'arrière pays agricole mais surtout de soleil et d'une région riche.

Urban beaches, coves and towering agricultural hinterland 


The same warm sea is bordered by urban beaches of soft sand and pebbles, but by quiet coves with small waves. 


All Public Coast share the same sun and beautiful Mediterranean beaches, but each charm the visitor in its own way. Benidorm tourist landmark of the Costa Blanca, is nothing like the quiet Altea. L'Alfas del Pi, with its promenade of Stars, Pasea Estrellas, is also a common part. It's the same for Villajoyosa, sporting a multicolored sea front or Finestrat, with an imposing backdrop, the Puig Campana Mountain. 


While it is true that they are part of the same whole, each stands in his way. The contrast is even more evident when you turn your back to the sea to penetrate further inland. 


The hiking trails and climbing sites share space with charming picture postcard villages perched on mountains and hidden valleys. Waterfalls, ravines, and cultures dot the landscape.

Benidorm la nuit


Yes Benidorm 


Benidorm is the city of entertainment. Its offer is inexhaustible and no age limit: theme parks, shops, restaurants, shops, music, dance .... Day or night. 


The beaches of Benidorm are protected mountains, protected from the cold throughout the year. Yesterday fishing village, now a cosmopolitan city with many sky scrapers.

Ruelles typiques d'Altea


 Altea beautiful 



Altea is the haunt of artists. 


The slopes of its old town will lead you to the cobbled square, on the steps of his church, the indigo blue dome forever mark your memory.

maisons colorées en photo HD


Sea in the background 


Villajoyosa old houses are very colorful, such papers chocolates manufactured there. It emerges from the air the sweet smell of sweet and salty sea. 


At the foot of Mount Puig Campana, Finestrat houses, perched on a rock, looking to the horizon. This inland village on the hills, became its coastal creek.

Lac artificiel de Guadalest


Mountains and freshwater 


At the foot of the Sierra Gelada, the range of Alfas del Pi sounds like a rattle rolling waves on the shingle. On the hills, the Albir lighthouse guide sailors of his eye light. 


Guadalest a hidden village in the mountains that seems straight out of a fairy tale. More closely, you will see it open as a pamphlet book. Based on the rock in silence Almohad castle ruins in San Jose. 


The white village of La Nucia, crowned by an old washing emerges from the greenery. Its houses, flamquées grids centuries old, are made ​​of stone and antique wood. As you approach a bit, you can see statues of saints, nestled in the entries. Have no doubt, you are always on the Costa Blanca. 


A Callosa d'en Sarria, the land of loquats, water gushes vigorously sources Algar. As in Bolulla. To see this more tranquil water, go to Polop. She sings in the 221 taps flowing fountain, the Fuente de los Jets.

champs d'oliviers


White interior villages 



In the land of almonds, olive oil and wine 


Some villages have been deserted after the expulsion of the Moors in 1609, their new inhabitants, from Majorca, have marked their island footprint. You can go to taste the soubressade Tàrbena and Mallorca at the heart of the mountains of Alicante. 


You will find in this country other absolutely unique, as oil Relleu whose olives are grown on terraces Arab. 


Let yourself be fascinated by the gully from the Arc de Sella, must-see rock climbing enthusiasts, or the forest wealth of the Sierra Aitana. In this corner of the interior, peaceful villages with white houses and tiled roofs, as Orxeta, Benimantell, Beniardà, Confrides or Benifato, inhabit the mountain. 


Valleys and ravines, they are surrounded by olive trees, almond trees or vines. Do not leave without tasting meats and dishes of this region, such as blat olleta and meatballs.