Un parc naturel à voir absolument lors de vos vacances en Espagne

Tabarca is the only inhabited island in the Valencia region that has one of the most important marine reserves in Spain.

22km from the city of Alicante and only eight from the port of Santa Pola, Tabarca the only inhabited island in the Valencia community. It is a must visit destination for those who decide to spend a few days of summer break on the Costa Blanca.

Although small, with just 1800 meters long and 400 wide, Tabarca concentrate varied monumental wealth of nature, marine  and landscape. Its shores hosted in the Barbary pirates in the past. IN the XVIII century King Carlos III ordered to fortify it and build a village to accommodate several families of Genoese fishermen who were being held in the Tunisian city of Tabarca. After being released they were temporaly admited to Alicante until they are moved to the island. It is at this time it acquired its present name.

It was declared a historic site in 1964. Its wall is in the coastline and through the doors of San Gabriel, San Rafael and San Miguel leads to the urban center. It brought an architectural heritage of great value and which include the church of St Peter and St Paul made in a baroque style. The governor's house built for the city council and after being occupied by the military has become a hotel. The tower of San Jose is 27 meters high and was used in the XIX century as lookout point and state prison.

Its waters were declared  a marine reserve in 1986 and in them you can see a large selection of oceanic plants giving shelter to numerous species. Oxygen produced by these plants purifies and enriches the waters making its beaches very transparent and of excellent quality.